Welcome to the CIT Academy in Stuttgart, Germany

Your center for seminars and advanced training in fascia, pain and stress for lay people, therapists, doctors and other medical professions.

The Center for Integrative Therapy in Stuttgart, founded by Christopher-Marc Gordon in 1990, brings together an extraordinary interplay of practice, research and teaching. In particular, teaching is an expression of decades of research at the CIT Research Institute and the practical experience of treating over 100,000 patients.

The CIT Academy focuses on fascia therapy and resilience training, stress competence training, self-help, high performance coaching and further trainings in corporate health management for employees. The content of all trainings offered is founded on the Interdisciplinary Fascia Therapy (IFT) method developed by Christopher-Marc Gordon. The IFT method is a combination of stress management, high performance strategies, self-help treatments and effective, evidence-based myofascial bodywork, based on the unique treatment of fascia mechanoreceptors and the stimulation of the vegetative nervous system.

Christopher-Marc Gordon developed self-help instruments out of the Interdisciplinary Fascia Therapy Method and out of 15 years research in the areas of stress, pain, fascia and connective tissue. These tools are called: Fascia-ReleaZer, Deep-ReleaZer, Stress-ReleaZer and Cellulite-ReleaZer, which are used amongst others in the seminars of the CIT Academy. 

Livescience® plays a unique role in the CIT Academy's training and education programmes. Livescience is the result of 30 years of professional experience and 15 years of scientific work. It has its origin in the observation and measurement of psycho-physiological phenomena, with subsequent verification in 23 studies, including several Randomised Controlled Trials.

Livescience represents the transfer of knowledge from practical experience to science and from science back to the practical application. Otherwise invisible processes within the bodies tissues or nervous system, such as changes in tissue hydration or elasticity, are made visible and/or measurable. This means that objectively reproducible measurements are made easy for both the lay person and the expert to understand. Using simple videos and live measurements, a wide range of objective measurement parameters show the changes that can occur in tissues or the vegetative nervous system, for example by using the Fascia-ReleaZer. 


In addition to training and further education, the CIT Academy develops various self-help products and books.

Fascia therapy testimonial from Stefanie

Stefanie, a 47 years old dancer and a pain and stress patient, has been treating herself with the Fascia-ReleaZer for 4 years. After 18 sessions of treatment and a comprehensive self-help program, she is now pain free and is performing like never before.


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